Brian Cook Art

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Brian Cook is an artist who lives in Lakefield, just North of Peterborough, Ontario. He works mainly with oils on canvas. 

​He began painting while in engineering school in 1970, and continued for several years. Then as other events overtook his life he dropped his painting studies and practice.
After retiring and moving about a bit, Brian took up painting again in 2011. 

​Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Brian spent 24 years and a bit in the Canadian Air Force and worked another dozen years for the Canadian Government.

His work dictated that he move often, and as a result he has lived in many places across the breadth of Canada, as well as in Europe and the USA.The visions and experiences gained from this nomadic existence, combined with his love of the outdoors, have had a good deal of influence on the subject matter of his paintings.

​Brian's works tend to be very much in the realm of realism.